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Britain is closed for business

Almost as if to prove my point, Britain has been deluged with snow overnight, and everybody is over the moon about it. This can only be the result of two things:

1. Nobody felt any need whatsoever to clear the pavement outside their house, to put salt down, or to take any action which may make it easier for people to walk past their house. Instead, most people will have gathered at their front window (possibly with popcorn or other suitable snacks) and watched happily as a constant stream of people fell on their arseass outside.

2. The UK rarely gets snow that doesn’t melt within three seconds of falling, and as a result is uniquely unprepared for a proper snowstorm. Trains have been cancelled, buses can’t run, and most people appear to have lost the use of their feet. Duly, most of Britain is closed down today, with workplaces apparently half full at best. It’s like an impromptu public holiday, without the need to sit in traffic for four hours en route to see your in-laws.

Typically on Britain’s first proper snow day in living memory, I’m in snow free New York. My journey to work won’t be impeded, the trains will be running, and I should be in the office on time. Where’s the justice?