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The real New York

I love Facebook. Admittedly I feel like a bit of a teenager for using it, and I think The Youngest and The Eldest are perpetually embarrassed that their stepdad can be found within its realms. But there’s just something intriguing in finding out what your friends and colleagues are up to when you’re not around, even if that means reading endless over-enthusiastic status updates telling you that “Joe Smith is glad it’s Friday!!!!!!!!!!”

But what I really love about Facebook is the strange information that it sometimes throws up. And none more so than the music chart that was presented to me in my news feed this morning, detailing the collective favourite music of the 800,000 or so members of the New York network. The full top five is as follows:

1. R&B
2. Rap
3. Hip-hop
4. Coldplay
5. Reggae

I know that Coldplay’s Chris Martin has been working with Kanye West, but I’d still love to see the Venn diagram that shows the intersection between the urban beats of R&B, rap, hip-hop and reggae, and the heartstring-pulling prep-rock of the biggest band to come out of Britain since, erm, the Spice Girls.

Perhaps this city’s collective attempt to be seen as street smart, hard nosed and cool is just a sham. Deep down, they’re as desperate to connect with their emotions through some angst-ridden guitar jangling as the rest of us.

Admit it New York, you’re just a big softie.