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A small world

Waiting for The Special One in a bar on Friday night, I sat on a leather sofa reading the New York Times. Whatever people’s opinions of the NYT (and I meet a lot of people who don’t really like it), I kind of enjoy reading it. Don’t get me wrong I prefer The Guardian in the UK, but in the absence of a more progressive newspaper, the New York Times keeps me relatively interested.

USA Today aside, the Times is I guess the closest that the US has to a national newspaper. And as a result, you’d expect its coverage of world affairs to be thorough and comprehensive. But being honest, I think ‘Newsboard’ (the school newspaper that I helped to set up when I was about seven) had more in-depth coverage of foreign affairs.

In the ‘international’ section were 16 stories. Three of them concerned China, reflecting the concern of many Americans that China is going to become the big kid that bullies the USA in the schoolyard in a few more years. Six of the international stories mentioned the United States, as if nobody would be particularly interested in them unless the stories were linked to the US at some point.

Indeed three of the 16 foreign news stories mentioned the US in the headline. I know America’s a big place, but come on, surely there are other countries to write about??

I’m probably just bitter when it comes down to it. There was only article on the UK, and even that was written from Australia.