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Style pot calls fashion kettle black

When it comes to fashion, I can hardly say that I am a thought leader. I try to keep it classic, but my look is very much ‘vaguely preppy 34 year old who wishes that he was still 25’ rather than ‘edgy style icon’. Recently, I’ve even found myself enjoying wearing suits for the first time in my life, even though – much to She Who Was Born To Worry’s dismay – I’ve never been employed in a job that has required me to wear one. Put simply, the chances of me appearing on a list of the world’s leading fashion figures is marginally more negligible than the likelihood of Mariah Carey receiving the Nobel Prize in Literature.

That said, I still think I have every right to rail against what seems to be a distinctly American male habit of wearing plaid shorts in public. Every day I get on the subway and see people who seem to be perfectly normal but for the fact that they are wearing shorts that resemble pyjamas. I know that this is the country that invented the fried peanut butter and banana sandwich and that ‘taste’ is therefore in limited supply, but surely everybody has to draw the line somewhere?

Next thing you know, it’ll be the mullet making a comeback.