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One solution to the weak dollar?

Having been earning a good honest English wage for the last fifteen years or so, it’s come as a bit of a shock to the system to be earning a US salary.

Sure, I’ve been happily feasting on the weak dollar for the last eighteen months as I’ve travelled back and forth across the Atlantic. A Canon digital SLR at half the price? Don’t mind if I do. A PSP for less than eighty quid? Bring it on. And nights out in swanky restaurants costing slightly less than a La Reine and doughballs? That’ll do nicely.

But when it comes to earning greenbacks, I’m suddenly less than keen on the dollar that’s worth only marginally more than 50p.

Which is why when I was tapping away at the keyboard today, sending an email to a contact in the UK, I was struck by the brilliance of the American response to the problem: just pretend that the pound doesn’t even exist. There’s no sign of a "£" button on your average American keyboard (hey, my MacBook was bought in the UK, alright?), with anybody desperate enough to want to refer to such an inferior currency forced to plunge into the murky depths of menus, sub-menus and alt keys.

In an act of huge personal selfishness, I can only hope it’s a huge American conspiracy, with keyboard manufacturers in cahoots with the Federal Reserve to plague "£" key users with repetitive stress injuries until they eventually decide that enough is enough and stick with the dollar after all.

And before you ask, there’s no sign of a "€" key either. Maybe British Euro-sceptics should start talking to the likes of Dell and Apple about some special keyboards of their own?