A spot of admin

I’ve just realised that I haven’t actually updated my blogroll for about two years, which means it’s as out of control as my bikini line. There are many of you who comment here regularly whose blog isn’t listed, so if you’re missing and you’d like to be included, either leave a comment here or else drop me an email.

And yes, for the easily bored, this is the first blog post of mine that has ever come in at under 100 words. Move along now, nothing to see here.

14 thoughts on “A spot of admin

  1. Alasdair

    Methinks Mike doth protest entirely too much !


    Happy Trails, Dylan, as you update your blogroll !

  2. Dylan

    Still on Twitter, although forcing myself to be as concise as 140 characters is admittedly difficult for somebody whose blog posts are so long.

    And if everybody can stop obsessing about my bikini line, that would be lovely…

  3. Silverback

    Still reading, still commenting and still honoured to be on your blogroll.

    Ok that’s enough smarming from me and yes, the twitter word restriction must just kill you 😉

  4. Mr. Nighttime

    Found my way here via Ian’s “Filth, Lies, Truth & Blame.” As a born and bred New Yorker (now living in upstate, NY – no, really, I live in Rochester now), I was very taken by your “200 list,” especially this:

    “14. Nobody does anything by halves in this city. Whether they’re campaigning on behalf of Tibet, or taking up rollerblading, New Yorkers put their heart and soul into everything they do. Apart from anger management, obviously.”

    I was a NYC paramedic for 22 years, spending most of my career in Brooklyn, in Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights. One of my paramedic partners at the time was a Brit, and it was always interesting watching his adaptation to the strange world that is NYC, and America in general.

    I’m just starting to read your posts, but I like what I see so far.

  5. Hannah

    Been following your blog for a while now – funny the sense of solidarity one has with other ex-pats! Would love to be added to your blogroll. H

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