Just making sure we’re all on the same page

I think we can all agree, o learned readers, that diversity is a good thing. The world would be a terrible place if we all looked the same or acted the same. The fact that each one of us likes different flavour crispschips, different football teams or different music is categorically ‘a good thing’. And much as I will defend my natural right to watch Flash Gordon at least twice a year, I have to admit that if the rest of the globe’s population revelled in the line “I love you Flash, but we only have 14 hours to save the Earth” as much as I do, then life would be pretty dull.

But I’ve just remembered that you can take diversity too far. Sometimes we just need to be exactly the same as each other, the world over. Lay aside our individuality, and remind ourselves of all the good that can come when we all act the same way. Particularly when it appears that everybody else in the world has a long weekend, and I’ll just be having the normal, run-of-the-mill two dayer.

The problem with not having a proper long Easter weekend is not so much the fact that I don’t get four days off work. I think I got used to that last year. Instead, it’s that fact that this age of social media and instant communication means that I am constantly having it rubbed in my face that I’m still slaving away while everybody else is enjoying themselves. If over the next few days I’m forced to read that Person X is currently drinking beer by the river, or Person Y is still in bed at 3pm, I swear I will not be responsible for my actions.

To be fair, no one is quite as mean as She Who Was Born To Worry. Given that in a normal week she will call me at 2pm on a Friday in New York to let me know that her weekend has already begun, you can imagine her glee going into a four day weekend that her first born won’t be having.

Oh, and just for clarity, when it comes to July 4 or Thanksgiving, I’ll be all in favour of diversity again. Any Brit mocking me over the next four days should leave their phone number here and expect a call in late November.

11 thoughts on “Just making sure we’re all on the same page

  1. IanB

    Sorry I’m so late in commenting on this but I had a bit of a lie-in this morning what with it being Good Friday and all that…

    So perhaps I should not mention, all being well, I get to have the UK Easter hols here AND Thanksgiving? I’ll probably arrive too late for 4th July but at least I have the compensation of two UK bank holidays in May to lessen the blow.

    You’d forgotten about those, hadn’t you?

    I’ve said too much… 😉

    Oh, and as from 12th April the government has raised the statutory minimum holiday entitlement to 28 days. They have, of course, done this as a bit of a laugh since 1/10 of the population don’t actually have a job any more and 50% of the remainder are too scared or too broke to go on holiday.

    p.s. Next year I shall share your pain. Stoopid bank holidays. Grrr. That’s if they do actually let me in – I have written some truly appalling poetry and if they discover it I might be denied on the grounds of “section 5: danger to public health and welfare”.

  2. Lisa

    This is usually our year to visit Texas for Thanksgiving. Yay! It will be warm AND the holidays at the same time. 🙂

  3. NFAH

    I’d much rather have the two days near Thanksgiving for a national holiday than have no separation of church and state and two days off for a religious one…

  4. Silverback

    I have to ‘spring forward’ and ‘fall back’ 4 times a year and what watch did I get as a Christmas pressie ? Yes one with no winder whatsoever.

    It’s fine when within 1,000 miles of the atomic clock in Colorado but sadly Leeds is a wee bit outside that range.

    Raising a glass of cold cream soda to you, Dylan and hope you’ll have a good, if slightly shorter than ours, Easter weekend.

  5. Iota

    If Flash had picked the right week-end, he’d have had considerably more than 14 hours to save the universe (if his enemies respected national holidays).

  6. Jennyta

    You won’t be wanting to know that mine started on Wednesday night then! Nice to discover your blog via your comment on Silverback’s. I’ll be back soon to read more.

  7. that Girl39

    Who needs four days to eat chocolate?! Pah! We have been decorating – well… I say we…. Other Half has been attached to a paint brush and I have been on Small Child entertainment duties. Its not so much a holiday, more of a “Ooh good, I have my husband to jointly tear my hair out with” time for me and a “Well painting is better than bloody work any old day” episode for him.
    There are no extra lay in’s plus you live closer to Bloomingdales than I do so don’t feel bad! (Something tells me you would rather swap?) Happy Easter!

  8. Expat Mum

    We flew back to Chicago on Saturday and twice, the flight attendant referred to the following day as “the holiday” instead of daring to mention Easter. I know not everone is Christian, I don’t even practise, but pur-leeze!

  9. Little Sis

    Bank Holiday Monday afternoon film viewing in Blighty ? – none other than Flash Gordon !! Still as good as it ever was….’What do you mean, Flash Gordon is alive’……?!

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