A sign of the American times

Checking out official documents today for the immigration services, I noticed that the forms only provide two lines for the person making the application to list their former spouses. “Hmmm,” I pondered rather formally to myself. “That really doesn’t seem to be enough space at a time when marriage appears to be less valued than any previous stage in the institution’s history.”

And then I turned the page and saw a continuation sheet with specifically reserved space for a further 38 ex-spouses to be listed.

Welcome to America!

55 thoughts on “A sign of the American times

  1. Lisa

    I think sometimes they give you extra blanks just to see if they can trick you into filling them out.

    Or, maybe there are that many spaces for polygamists.


  2. Brit' Gal Sarah

    Dylan, I am waiting with baited breath for my 10yr card, had a touch after a year a week ago!

    BTW please pop over to my blog, there’s something on there you could really help us with being in NY.

  3. Expat Mum

    Oh I’ve gone all weak and wobbly at the mention of the INS. Thank god I’m now a citizen and don’t have to deal with them any more. (Of course, I will now be called up for jury duty won’t I?)

  4. Brooklyn

    Hey, where is your report on the drycleaner’s ethnicity? Have you given up having your clothes dry cleaned for Lent?

  5. Paula

    Yepp, I so much can follow your struggle I am German and just go throurh the same procedure…… just under the sun…Greetings from Florida

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