My name’s A Brit Out Of Water, and I’m a cheese addict

Having been plugged into my iPod each morning on the way to work this week, I’ve realised just how many guilty pleasures I have when it comes to music. Everybody has their own guilty pleasure – that song that you know you really shouldn’t like, but somehow you can’t just help yourself. Admitting to it loses you all credibility, but – let’s be honest – having been a member of the T’Pau fan club as a youngster, I never really had much of that in the first place.

From Barry Manilow’s “Mandy” to “I Want To Know What Love Is” by Foreigner, my collection is packed to the gills with the kind of songs I would have taken out of my CD stacks and hidden if any serious music fan had come to visit. Now they sit safely within the shadowy lair of my hard drive, safely out of harm’s way but still accessible to me on the long and winding road into the office.

Of course, the problem with this is like any addict who is successfully able to hide his dependency from friends and family, consumption of said addiction goes up because you think you can get away with it. So while The Special One thinks that I’m constantly listening to the latest hot young things from Brooklyn or Sheffield on my headphones, I’m actually singing along internally to “Mr Blue SKy” by ELO, or “Wind of Change” by The Scorpions.

My stealthy cheese habit extends to the dairy version too. While I love cheese in all its artisanal forms, nasty American cheese (or even the stuff they laughingly call cheddar here) definitely has its time and place. But only when nobody is looking. A good hot everything bagel with melted cheese and ham for breakfast is no substitute for a bacon butty, but it cures most known ills. And pepper jack (a heritage-less cheese if ever there was one) definitely has its place in my heart.

However, the worst sin of all – the Barbra Streisand of the cheese world, if you will – is the clandestine love affair I have with Wispride cheese balls. They look like something that you’d see on a Sky One programme entitled “America’s Worst Inventions,” but for some reason I just can’t get enough of it. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re not available in the UK (and so still have novelty value), or perhaps it’s because they’re a subconscious reaction against my adoration of lovingly crafted and aged cheeses of the world, but whatever the case, these things are like crack in dairy form. Give me some Jacob’s cream crackersTriscuits, an extra sharp cheddar cheese ball and maybe an episode of The Wire or 24, and I’m happier than a pig wallowing around in his own excrement. The only way I could be happier would be to put some love songs by Chicago on the stereo at the same time.

Actually, I really shouldn’t have put that thought in my head. I guess I know what I’ll be doing this weekend. Just don’t tell the neighbours, eh?

7 thoughts on “My name’s A Brit Out Of Water, and I’m a cheese addict

  1. Silverback

    Hating cheese as I do, I can’t empathise with your addiction BUT as for your musical tastes, we’re twins ! ELO rock (or at least rocked) and I’m a closet Chicago and Foreigner listener too. I like the reverb you get in there.

    As for Barry Manilow and even Streisand, dammit you’ve got me bang to rights there too.

    (hanging head in shame)

  2. Lisa

    Oh no! You’ve been corrupted by American cheese… Next thing you know, you’ll have a brick of Velveeta in your fridge. 😀

  3. Obelix

    Lo there!

    I’m Obelix and I recently started reading your blog, from the begining. And I thought I wont comment anything untill I read the gap between july 2008 and todays…but this topic made me do it.

    Read this – its about cheese 🙂

    Btw, you have so great header up there…that I’d go to be expat somewhere, just to have such blog design.

    Keep up winding yanx up! 😀

  4. Cocktails

    I tell you there is nothing better than ‘working from home’ because of the snow while regularly looking out the window to check if it’s still snowing, eating some cheesy snacks and listening to a bit of ELO.

    Yup, it’s been a good day.

  5. Catherine

    Try living here in Switzerland. Cheese in all shapes and sizes, Gruyere, Emmental, Chevres, Cheese that comes in wooden boxes that you stick a garlic clove in and then put in the oven, (it comes out melted and smells divine), then there’s the fondue fests each winter. France is 20 mins away with a Sunday cheese market to die for. It’s paradise in one sense but purgatory for the waist line in another.

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