A moment of history

Today has been a proud day for United States. A triumph for the American dream, and for the ideal that all men, women and children are equal regardless of colour, gender or religion. A vindication of the dream that Dr Martin Luther King had more than forty years ago, and a redemption from eight years of leadership that has seen the country slip in the hearts and minds of the world’s population.

And when grandchildren ask me in years to come where I listened to the momentous speech following the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th President of the United States and the country’s first African-American leader, I will be able to sit them on a lap with a tear in my eye and say, “My dear child, I was on a bus at Heathrow Airport taking me from Terminal 1 to Terminal 5. The reception on the radio kept cutting out, but I heard the occasional word or two.”

Happy days.

3 thoughts on “A moment of history

  1. Carrie

    Momentous day absolutely! Bummer that you were in transit but I’ve been watching the “reruns” and honestly it still has the same level of energy every single time.

    You should add the bit about strong arming Jude Law in the airport though. I liked that part a lot via your tweets. Although it was bittersweet learning such yummy man candy could be such a jerk.

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