Important pan pipe update

If you read or commented on the post regarding the pan pipe/pan flute man who ‘graces’ the L platform at 14th Street/Union Square, you need to know that the non-performing busker plumbed new creative depths this morning. Nobody – and I mean nobody – needs to hear a pan pipe version of “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” from The Lion King first thing in the morning. And certainly not being mimed to by a recorder-wielding man put on this earth to torture poor unsuspecting commuters. My ears are still bleeding, half an hour later.

Oh, and that rumbling noise you hear in the distance is Elton John and Tim Rice rolling in their graves. Dying first, obviously, then rolling in their graves.

12 thoughts on “Important pan pipe update

  1. Silverback

    That tune seems to be a popular staple of the pan pipe playing community. I think they enjoy the ‘key change’ near the end as it gives them a great opportunity to flush out their pipes, both physically and instrumentally.

    Maybe you need to create him a flyer pointing out that you expect a bit more effort from even a non performing busker. Hell he’ll be signing autographs next while ‘Cavatina’ is playing in the background.

  2. Expat Mum

    You could always sue him under some sort of “truth in advertizing” claim? But come on – FEEL the love and don’t be such a grumpy sod. You’ve been in NYC too long.

  3. Dylan Post author

    Expat Mum – you’re spelling advertising with a ‘zee’ and you’re accusing me of having been in NYC/America too long?! Pah!

    A busking bill of rights is clearly the way forward though, Silverback.

    Bah humbug.

  4. carrie

    hmmmm, i don’t spell advertising with a ‘z’…think that’s one of the exceptions…

    besides the point, i know. wait, what was the point again? 😉

  5. Carole

    In Toronto we use to have a band from South America of six guys who all played pan pipes.

    My girl friend really hated them.
    Whenever I went out on calls for work and saw the pan pipe buskers, I would call her on my cell phone and then just hold up the phone so she could here them .

  6. MikeH

    “… Elton John and Tim Rice rolling in their graves …”

    Presumably it was the pan-pipe “Can You Feel the Love…” that killed them. You don’t actually specify.

    And what is the proper spelling of “Advertize,” anyway? I think, God help me, that I’m beginning to spell it with an “s” without even realising it 😉

  7. Amanda

    So I guess that you weren’t a fan of “Incantation” way back when…(didn’t think it was really your taste in music)!

    However, whilst googling “Incantation” (just to make sure I wasn’t remembering their name incorrectly – honest) I did come across an album which should surely feature on your Christmas list (from the appropriately-ish named “Union Square Music” website):

    Various artists – “The Soothing sounds of Pan Pipes” – I mean how could you top “Can you feel the love tonight?”…only with “My heart will go on” really….or what about a pan pipe rendition/massacring of “Eternal flame” – food for thought!?!

    Ok – too much time on my hands clearly…

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