We even have electricity

I know that it feels like America has been living in the dark ages for a while, and that Tuesday evening saw the re-emergence of this country as a respected player on the world stage. But it wasn’t until I went home to the UK this weekend that I realised just how far some people believe the United States has slipped behind.

Having questioned me at length about different British and American names for certain vegetables, Little Sis furrowed her brow and asked:

“Do you have apples and pears in America?”

This country’s return from the brink can’t happen soon enough, clearly.

4 thoughts on “We even have electricity

  1. Lisa

    I have to admit that I had a tough time figuring out if some fruits or vegetables in the UK just had different names or we just didn’t have those things where I live.

    “Eggplant” was easy enough to figure out. 🙂

  2. Little Sis

    In fairness, i only asked the question as, pears especially, are a typically British fruit, and if you cant even get HP Sauce or a decent slice of bacon over there then whats to say that America knows what a Granny Smith tastes like ?!?!?
    She who was born to worry suggested i just blame the stupidity of my question on hormones being 6 months pregnant !

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