Getting a little too comfortable

I’ve made two horrific discoveries today*. Discoveries that make me question my very existence, and look at myself in a new, and not wholly palatable, light.

1. I read a blog today which mentioned a visit to Home Depot, shortly after I’d taken delivery of an order of stationery from Office Depot. On both occasions, I internally pronounced the word to myself as “dee-po” rather than “depp-oh”. I had to wash my mouth out with soap and water for ten minutes shortly afterwards, obviously.

2. After more than a year of ignorance, I picked up a copy of Sports Illustrated today, and pretty much understood the basic implications of every story within its pages. And it wasn’t even the swimsuit edition. College sport was happily still beyond me, but other than that I almost felt like a natural. You’ll be pleased to know that I have forced myself to watch scoreless draws between Grimsby and Shrewsbury on repeat ever since, and now feel fully reacclimatised.

* Certainly, far more horrific than discovering that David Blaine is a big ol’ cheat.

8 thoughts on “Getting a little too comfortable

  1. MikeH

    They say you really never know a foreign language until you start thinking in it. I shudder every time I think “SHED ule” instead of “SCHED u el”

  2. Expat Mum

    Come on – you must admit if you say Home Deppo it sounds really, really strange. Some words just have to be said in their native language. (Blog post idea?)

  3. Karen

    I have to say I would say Home Depot, the USA way, as that is the only way I have ever heard it. Just like I have started to say “eekea” instead of Ikea 😉

  4. That Girl39

    Thats it for you! You are officially a Noo Yoiker! No goin’ back now buddy!
    For some unknown reason, Small Child can do a stunning New Jersey accent and ask for “coiffee to go”. At one point, when asked where she’s from she would say “New Jersey”. I gave up understanding this seeing as she’s never been and just put it down to being 3… and a sponge!! Go figure!

  5. Almost American

    Home Depot is usually pronounce Home Despot in our household.

    Sad to say, until I read your post I hadn’t realised that I’d forgotten the English pronunciation 🙁 Just wait till you’ve been here 23 years like me!

  6. Anglophile Football Fanatic

    uh oh. You’re speaking like us? If you really want a slice of American life you need to watch King of the Hill. The creator literally sits in Home Depot to come up with fodder.

    And, would you believe my hubby walked in with, “You know how it’s been your life long dream to move to the UK? Well, we have that option.” Right. NOW, after there is a kid & I am no longer willing to do it, he gets this option? I’m seething.

    If you need any help understanding the sports, I’m your chick.

  7. Siobhan

    You know, I constantly have the inner argument of “it’s conTROVersy, yes, but CONtroversy is easier to say…” and any other word where the emphasis is different. And, I’d rather spell yogurt without the H. I’ve never said “shed-ule”, for the record.

    Although after 9 years I am beginning to GET American football (my husband doesn’t watch much sport, he’s a science guy), it still irritates me no end that it takes 4 hours start to finish. Good grief, no thanks.

  8. Jan

    I still say dee-po, not depp-oh, thank goodness we have Lowes around here.

    As for sport, forgetaboutit, I’ll just have to stick with Grimsby v Shrewsbury.

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