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  1. Jonathan Jones

    Why not show the headline from the National Enquirer, while you’re at it? 😉

    I think if you want to compare apples to apples (i.e. left-leaning “papers of record” in both countries) it’d be more appropriate to cite the New York Times.

  2. Brooklyn

    What was the headline in “The Sun” on May 6, 2008?

    BTW: Who can forget the now classic NY Post headline of “Headless Body Found In Topless Bar”?

    I’m sure Alexander Hamilton (wherever he is) is proud of the newpaper he founded. If he were alive today he’d probably challenge Rupert Murdoch to a duel.

  3. Dylan

    I did actually attempt to compare apples with apples, but The Sun’s front page had vanished by the time I got around to it. I’m guessing it was still frontpage news though.

    Jonathan – the story was indeed on the front page of the New York Times, but as a column six story rather than the main lead. Given that 22,000 people have died, I still think that’s pretty shocking.

    Oh, and the National Enquirer is leading with “Stars With Cellulite”. I think I’d prefer to read about Lindsay Lohan’s coat, to be honest.

  4. Jan

    It doesn’t surprise me in the least. I could say more, but why bother? No bugger’s interested anyway.

  5. Brooklyn

    Can’t have a friend or relative in the old country check a recycling bin or fishmonger’s wrapping supply shelf to find out what “The Sun” headline was on May 6?

  6. GrahameD

    I think it’s a reasonably fair comparison – plenty of people think of the Post as ‘the paper’ i.e. a source for news, whereas NOBODY thinks of the Enquirer as anything other than a silly thing you read in the queue for the checkout.

    I would like to know what The Sun had as it’s headline – I bet it was something about Burma, just made as sensational as they could manage.

  7. Dylan

    I think they actually led on a story about Josef Fritzl, the Austrian man who raped and imprisoned his daughter for 24 years. And the inevitable story about Amy Winehouse, clearly.

    When I put this story online last night, I did go to the Sun website and they were leading on the situation in Burma. They’re now running a story about a shooting in London. The Post has the Clinton-Obama story, and a follow up on the Lindsay Lohan coat drama.

  8. Brooklyn

    The Fritzl story is more newsworthy than the Lohan story admittedly, only because of the real human suffering involved. But since there is nothing really new to learn, there is something pornagraphic of having it as the headline, and it certainly is a dismissal of the Burma tragedy it it “pushes” the Burma story off of the front page.

    Come to think about, in a head to head competition for the bottom of the barrel, maybe “The Sun” wins this one if Dylan is correct. Although the NY Post may have been cavalier about a tragedy in a distant land, at least it didn’t use the cover to wallow in one of the most creepy stories of recent memory.

  9. Expatmum

    And all the electoral rubbish that has been going on in Kenya recently, with Kofi Annan having to get involved – not a peep on US tv. Not even CNN.

  10. IrishgirlinNY

    The lead story on an ad (commercial) for last night’s FOX news: why this woman’s post (mail) isn’t safe and we can reveal the perpetrator!?!


    I know, if you have FOX News, you’re asking for trouble, but having no cable, choices are limited!!!

    And Dylan, I also noticed the inconsequential coverage given to the Burma cyclone in the beloved NY Times. Reflecting that, on the first day of aid offerings, Ireland offered 1 million eu. while the US didnt even double that offering for disaster relief….

    I presume these figures have changed by now but the media is a powerful thing!

  11. Brooklyn

    “Fox news” is an oxymoron.

    Keith Olberman refers to it as “Fix news.”

  12. Mr Potarto

    I quite liked the coat story.

    I think it’s fascinating that a woman like her would steal a coat and wear it in public for a fortnight.

    It’s typical that a paper like the Guardian would ignore it.

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