Hearing is believing

As if I didn’t feel enough out of water in New York, I’m currently in Los Angeles on work, having only been here once about three years ago. Suffice to say that I walk around with a confused expression that perpetually says “what the hell is going on here?”

Actually, it’s probably the fact that I’m walking that causes half the problem – LA residents only seem to use their legs to hold their torsos up, so even telling my taxi driver that I didn’t mind walking the few yards to the front of the hotel caused furrowed brows.

I knew I was heading somewhere truly different within minutes of taking off from JFK. A Delta flight attendant came over the PA system to inform us that the inflight entertainment system had been turned on and, this being America, we could buy headphones for just $2.

Her unique selling point? That we could spend our hard-earned cash on these aforementioned listening devices, and then take them off the aircraft once we arrived in Los Angeles and use them free of charge.

America really is the land of untold generosity.

8 thoughts on “Hearing is believing

  1. jessica in rome

    Ha! When I went for a visit back home I encountered the same headphone deal. I graciously declined and pulled out my iPod. I hate the US airlines. After a my latest bad experience, it’s British Airways forever! Good luck in LA. Your not in my old neck of the woods, but your on the same coast!

  2. Dylan

    This place is weird, that’s all I can say. Although Largo looks great, Grahame.

    And I’m so so sorry, Fish! Don’t worry, you’re firmly back on the list now!

    If anybody else spots that I’ve left them off, let me know…

  3. Abby

    Adore your blog…hilarious, so dead on. I’m an American, just moving back from fabulous London. And as a former Manhattanite, I related to the out-of-water feeling, even though I am an American. A rough place to make a go of it…I give you a lot of credit for not only trying, but to finding humor in the difficulties. There is a whole world outside of NYC to NYers disbelief!

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