Hands across America – update

Seems that my ability to unite America under one happy banner is perhaps more limited than I initially thought. After my impassioned plea to current readers to implore friends and family in the fourteen states that have steadfastly refused to click onto A Brit Out Of Water, only two more states have fallen.

So thank you to the poor unsuspecting souls who stopped by from Nebraska and Hawaii, and to whoever pointed them in this direction. And just to remind you, the current refuseniks are:

North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Dakota
West Virginia

Anybody want to place a bet on which will be the last state to take the plunge?

6 thoughts on “Hands across America – update

  1. Rachel

    So, have you gotten an West Virginian’s yet? I might be able to get my brother (oh wait, my husband) to stop by. And, yes I am originally from there so I can say that.

  2. Dylan

    Rachel – I do indeed still require a West Virginian, so anything you can do to help would be great. I’d like to think of this blog as an online home to anybody, inbred or otherwise…!

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