So the New York Giants are the Super Bowl champions…pretty incredible game, and not just because of the number of burgers I managed to stuff down my neck.

Watching the TV broadcast, a few things sprang to mind:

1. How can one sports game last four hours? That’s not a sport, that’s some kind of endurance hell.

2. Speaking after the game, one New York Giants player claimed that he was just happy to win the world championship. Erm, anybody want to let me know how many other countries were allowed to compete in the NFL this season?

3. Even though I started watching the game wanting the New England Patriots to complete an unbeaten season, I couldn’t help but be caught up in the excitement of the New York Giants coming back to win the game in the final minute. Maybe I’m actually a lucky omen for New York sports teams, given how awful they’ve been over the last few years?

4. Apparently Mayor Bloomberg has agreed that there will be a ticker tape parade in New York this week, to celebrate the Giants victory. Given that the Giants (and the Jets) play in New Jersey, it’s like Manchester United winning the FA Cup, and then having an open-top bus parade in Birmingham.

5. The winning catch was made by Plaxico Burress, who had last week confounded pundits by predicting a 23-17 victory for the Giants. I so wish I could have been a fly-on-the-wall when Mr & Mrs Burress were thinking about a name for their soon-to-be born son.

Mr Burress: I’m thinking that maybe we should call him Philip after my dad.
Mrs Burress: I prefer Thomas, after my great grandfather who was such an inspiration to me when I was young.
Mr B: I just don’t like the name Thomas? What about Mike?
Mrs B: Mike? I hate that name. What about Billy?
Mr B: Over my dead body
Mrs B: OK, we’re getting nowhere here. Look, this is going to seem a little bit out of leftfield, but what about Plaxico?
Mr B: Perfect!

The car horns are blasting out left, right and centre in Brooklyn right now. With any luck, there might even be smiling faces on the subway tomorrow morning.

This is New York though, so I wouldn’t count on it.

4 thoughts on “Champions

  1. Expatmum

    I always wonder how the baseball World Series can be “world” when it only includes Canada. My husband’s response is that “we would still win if the rest of the world were in the competition”. Hmmm.

  2. Paul Sheffrin

    How can one sports game last four hours?
    Careful now, Dylan – we don’t want to leave ourselves open to snide comments about a five-day test match do we? As for Expatmum’s comment about the World Series, I’ve just discovered that the “sponsored by the New York World newspaper” explanation is just a myth. Americans really do believe that the world begins and ends with them (qv your post on the New York Times international section). The fact that perhaps fewer than 1 in 5 have passports may explain the mindset.

  3. Gabrielle

    Although I’m an American who loves American football, after seeing how completely athletic rugby players are, I can’t help but share my husband’s belief that these guys all suited up in pads, helmet and layers of fat are total babies.

    I do think they possess an athletic skill, but in a game that stops every 45 seconds, it’s hard to see how they even get fatigued. Maybe the weight of the 4 carat diamond blocks they wear in each earlobe gets heavy to carry after a while…

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