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As I’ve said before, some people think that this blog is deliberately designed to be anti-American. In reality though, A Brit Out Of Water is supposed be an affectionate love note to my adopted home, gently teasing America in the same way that most kids used to pull the hair of the classmate they thought was prettiest at school. Admittedly America is generally the unlovable bully in the playgroundschoolyard, but I think you get the point.

Anyway, the truth is that this blog is read by many more American residents than dwellers from any other country – at least according to Google Analytics, which I was pondering at length tonight. Infact, well over 50% of readers have come from this side of the pond, in the six months that I’ve now been writing.

That said, some states just stubbornly refuse to look at the blog. Fourteen of the blasted things, if you must know. And frankly, I’ve had enough of it. Sure, I’m happy that New Yorkers, Californians and Texans indulge my egoread my writing on a regular basis, but I see no reason why Dakotans or, erm, Wyominginians shouldn’t be similarly blightedblessed.

So, this is a rallying cry to readers – help me complete my full set of American states, by sending a Brit Out Of Water link to anyall friends that you have in the states below, persuading them to click onto the site. I can’t offer muchany reward – I might finally get around to completing the ‘About’ page, although I wouldn’t bank on it – but you will have the self-satisfaction of knowing that you helped a Brit Out Of Water in need.

The missing states:

North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Dakota
West Virginia

And while we’re about it, Utah, Nevada, Oklahoma and New Hampshire have only managed one hit each (almost certainly a rogue Googler looking for information on Viapren strips), so maybe reach out to them too?

At a time when America needs unity more than ever, this could be the rallying cry that the country so desperately requires – a cause to get behind, in order to bring greatness again to this proud nation. It is certainly not a thinly veiled attempt to get a full set of US states on a blog traffic report for no apparent reason. Perish the thought.

America, your country needs you. Don’t let it down.

PS If you’re arriving at this post from one of the above mentioned states, do leave a comment with your own blog address on…I’d love to see what I’ve been missing these last six months.

11 thoughts on “Hands across America

  1. Siobhan

    I’m happy to do my part for MT.

    Incidentally, did you know a vast majority (ok, in-law relatives and a guy that sells Hoover parts in Salt Lake) don’t even know the abbreviation for Montana? Oh, and I think I have Idaho covered for you.

    Holy crap, it’s 2:50.

  2. Dylan

    tNb – I promise I wasn’t being American…it’s just that there’s lots of Canadian readers already, so I can’t really launch any kind of appeal! Always happy to go on a drive for more Canucks though!

    And Siobhan, thanks for stepping up to the plate on behalf of Montana…I feel 1/50th more complete as a person now! To be fair though, those state abbreviations are a little tricky sometimes, and I’m no Hoover parts salesman…

  3. fishwithoutbicycle

    Your post inspired me to look into my own US visitors, I’ve managed 48/50 – woo hoo – but my blogging has been stubbornly resisted by North Dakotans and Wyomingians (is that the right term for people from Wyoming?) so if you catch any send them my way 😉

    It’s all good with the Canadians, but then I do have family there 🙂

  4. Rose

    I’m from NYC… (sorry!) but wanted to mention I found your blog from a blurb in the daily Metro a few weeks back.

    I’ve been hooked ever since =)

  5. Almost American

    Like Fish without a bicycle, your post inspired me to look more closely at my blog hits. I’ve only managed 10/50, but one of my visitors was from North Dakota! 42% of my visitors are from the USA, and 29% from the UK.

  6. Dylan

    jAMiE – rest assured I am well aware that you are at the very heart of my Canadian audience! Hopefully I can send some traffic your way when I finally manage to get around to resurrecting my blogroll!

    June – surely you’ve got a great aunt in Wyoming, or a long-lost cousin in South Dakota?!

    Fish – I’m so jealous! Can’t you at least send a Delawarian my way (no, I’ve no idea if they’re Delawarians either, but I’m sticking with it – and definitely Wyominginians)…if I find a North Dakotan, they’re coming straight over to you, I promise.

    Rose – thanks so much for stopping by…it’s good to see that some of my Metro readership is still here a few months later. And I’m very pleased that you’ve left a comment as well…

    Almost American – hopefully I can send some more states your way, but only the strict understanding that you help Fish and I out of our current predicament!

    By the way, despite my emotional appeal, not a single new state has made its way to A Brit Out Of Water today. Clearly this ‘establishing national unity’ thing is going to be more difficult than I thought…

  7. Nat

    Don’t despair… maybe the other States are watching. Maybe they just have Google Analytics disabled and are flying ‘under the radar’!

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