Taking it personally

I’ve never really understood the appeal of personaliszed car registrations, or vanity plates as I apparently have to call them over here. In the UK, for a start, the rules are so restrictive as to make most of the combinations ridiculously contorted. I can’t particularly understand why anybody would actually want to use their license plate to suggest the word ‘Glasgow’ for instance. But to then pay £1800$3600 for a plate reading ‘GL05 G0W’ seems to be vaguely akin to spending your life savings on a once-in-a-lifetime year-long cruise around the world, only to never get off the boat.

To be fair, I can just about understand getting a reg plate with your initials on it. At least it’s really personalised. But the DVLA – the British equivalent of the DMV – make a lot of cash from the kind of fool who is happy to drive around the city streets proudly displaying his BEL L1E. Personally I’d rather keep my BEL L1E firmly to myself, however difficult that can be sometimes – especially after the excesses of Christmas.

Here in the US, there aren’t quite the same rules about what you can and can’t have on your licence plate. Sure, you can’t have GOD on your plate in New York, while Wikipedia claims that the state of Florida prevents you from using ‘PIMPALA’ (no, I have literally no idea what it means either, so apologies if I’ve accidentally suggested that Floridians have a mass desire for carnal knowledge of shoals of koi carp). But give or take a few exceptions, you can basically do what you like.

But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

And yes, the driver of the silver Mini driving through Brooklyn this morning with the licence plate ‘LET ME’, I am talking to you. America ‘let you’ have your choice of plate, and that’s what you came up with? And more to the point, what is it that we should we let you do? Eat free ice cream on Fridays? Put the rubbishtrash out? Take a sickie when you know you’ve got an important presentation to make?

There was no need for a ‘zany’ licence plate, you know. All you had to do was ask.

PS Did I mention that you can still nominate blogs in the 2008 Bloggies? Just thought you’d like to know…

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  1. Benny

    I need three blogs to nominate

    so far it’s you and hotchickswithdouchebags.com

    are there any other good ones

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