An Apple a day

In my first job out of university, I ran the office in which I worked with the aid of a Macintosh Classic. Looking back now, it’s hard to imagine that such a tiny little computer would be capable of running a bath, let alone a small business that produced dozens of publications every year. It was my first experience of an Apple product, and despite its lack of power, I remember being vaguely entranced by the desktop and revelling in the fact that my use of a Mac automatically meant that I was a creative.

Almost thirteen years on, and I now own an iMac, numerous iPods and the MacBook on which I’m writing this entry. I covet a MacBook Pro for no good reason whatsoever, and the newly-arrived presence of an Apple Store only a block away from where I work will do nothing for my (our) bank balance.

But however much of an Apple fan I am, it has to be said that I am a mere casual Johnny-come-lately compared to tech-savvy New Yorkers.

Last Saturday, I had to take a trip to Tekserve in order to take in for repairs the Mac Mini used by the kids to do their homework. Admittedly the reason it needed to go back was nothing to do with maths, science or humanities. But in this day and age, when the CD burner refuses to work and new tracks can’??t be transferred to iPods as a result, young person frustration tends to abound.

Walking into the service area of Tekserve was like stepping into the First Church Of Steve Jobs, with devoted followers seeking healing from their saviour. People were quite happy to sit patiently waiting for an hour to have their poorly computers tended to, content just to be in the presence of other disciples of the Apple way of life. If somebody had walked through the store holding a PC, it’??s not inconceivable that they would have been ripped limb-from-limb by a rabid pack screaming “OSX, OSX, OSX.”?

But nothing beats the sight that greeted me today when I returned to the store to pick up the fully restored Mac Mini. Among the acolytes and worshippers stood one man committed enough to wear his devotion publicly and permanently. The symbol of his fervour? A fairly large Apple logo, tattooed forever on the back of his neck.

Only in America, ladies and gentlemen, only in America.

3 thoughts on “An Apple a day

  1. Erin

    And that’s why you need an iPhone as well so you can snap a secret picture of apple man’s head and instantly post it to your blog for added dramatic flare.

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