The big 100

I’ve just noticed that the last post was the 100th Brit Out Of Water entry. I’ve now spent 116 days out of water, and have already notched up a century of cultural differences between my original and adopted home.

Thank you to everybody for their kind comments so far, and feel free to leave your own comments – kind or otherwise. And as ever, please do pass on the link to the site to anyone you think might be strangely interested in the exploits of a man who today still had to ask for a tuna sandwich six times before he finally made the person behind the counter understand what he was talking about. Even then I ended up with a chicken salad baguette. Happy days.

One thought on “The big 100

  1. jAMiE

    I added you to the list of blogs i read…i’ll mention your blog in a post because i have a few regular readers from the US and UK who might be interested to stop by…

    Happy 100th

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