Bah humbug (or a guide to rampant commercialism)


Yes, it’s November 14th, and yes, the sight you see before you is a full-on Christmas extravaganza, found in the building which also holds my office. It’s actually been up all week, and I only managed to get round to photographing it today.

Generally in the United States, the arrival of festive decorations comes a couple of days after Thanksgiving. But with Thanksgiving still a week and a bit away, and retailers feeling the pinch due to the far-from-buoyant American economy, Christmas truly has come early this year.

Next year, Father ChristmasSanta Claus will be wearing a pair of red Speedo’s while he delivers his presents on a jetski.

3 thoughts on “Bah humbug (or a guide to rampant commercialism)

  1. Vinny

    I saw this on the news the other day that stores were trying to get shoppers into the holiday mode early to increase sales. I wish they would wait until Thanksgiving at least.

  2. nessa


    It’s the same here in Malaysia. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving though.

    Shopping malls and the newspapers are all in ‘Christmassy’ mood already. My friend has even put up his Christmas tree! I still think it’s too early…

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