Ethnic cleansing?


Sauntering back from a lunchtime meeting earlier this afternoon, I saw the above notice slapped on top of some flyposters a couple of blocks from the office. Now, I’m all for a bit of guerilla marketing, and after all, the United States is supposedly the land of opportunity. But for a city that proudly boasts of its status as the world’s melting pot, maybe this just oversteps the mark a bit?

“It Is Time For A Change Because Having Illegal Immigrants In Your Apartment, Condo, Duplex, House, Loft Or Office Isn’t Safe”

Try to ignore the capital letters at the start of every word, and focus for a moment on the willingness to whip up a little bit of racial hatred in the pursuit of a fast buck. With a turn of phrase that the Daily Mail would be proud of, Sweep Away Housecleaning Services have managed to single out house cleaners as freeloaders who shouldn’t be in the country and will walk away with your family jewellery and your pet goldfish as soon as your back is turned. Trust them with your cleaning today, and tomorrow they’ll have run off with your first born.

Speaking to someone about my blog today, I made the point that New York seems to have a better sense of community than London. Seems there’s some way to go before the city reaches any kind of utopian ideal of everyone living in harmony.

Still, however bad it is, it can’t compare with the awful attitude of an elderly former landlady of mine, back when I was living in Wandsworth in South-West London. Having been given two quotes for maintenance work to the cold basement flat in which I lived, she related to me the tale of how one of the builders had given her an estimate that was almost twice the cost of the other one.

“I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised,” she said. “I mean, he was black.”

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