Weather with me


I don’t quite get it. It’s five days before my birthday, and yet I could still be going to work in a T-shirt. I got married at the start of the second week of October, and could barely go outside because of how uncomfortably sweltering it was in my wedding paraphernalia (that makes it sound like I was dressed in full military apparel, but sadly my Victoria Cross didn’t come through in time for the big day). Put simply, it’s late October in New York, so why the hell is it so hot?

Annual temperatures are expected to exceed the five year average in all areas of the United States (bar the Pacific Northwest). Apparently it’s all down to the La Nina phenomenon, with the cooling of ocean temperatures in the equatorial Pacific Ocean proving to be the the main contributing factor behind the expected warmth. And there was me thinking it was just all the hot air being generated by the prospective Republican candidates for next year’s presidential elections.

Even New Yorkers are surprised at this turn of events. I naturally assumed that it was like this every October, but colleagues today reassured me that October’s usually as miserable over here as it is back in the UK. They’ve been expecting the bitter temperature drop for a few weeks now, but instead it’s ice creams all round.

Interestingly, the unexpected sunny snap has shown me that it’s not just the British who moan about the weather – Americans can more than hold their own when it comes to complaining about the climate. Whether it’s uncertainty about what to wear in the morning, or the awkward sunlight in the meeting rooms, New Yorkers are more concerned with the unexpected heat than with any bumbling taxi strike.

When it comes down to it, October’s the month when you should be digging out your winter coat, not wondering where you left those frankly dubious Bermuda shorts after your trip to Marbella. Sure, the weather will help me keep the Greek islands tan currently giving me a healty golden glow. But sometimes you just long for the cold winter nights to close in so that you can light a fire and drink rich red wine to your heart’s content.

Of course, you can all feel free to remind me of this entry when I’m blogging about how freezing it is in a few months. In the meantime, I’m off to put the air conditioning on full blast.

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