Potato paradise

Apologies for the lack of posts, but a wedding and a honeymoon will do that for you. I’m still a Brit Out Of Water, but I’m currently a few yards away from the Aegean Sea rather than a couple of miles from the Atlantic Ocean. And Crete (followed by Santorini from Sunday) is proving a completely relaxing antidote to the stress and strains of the last few days.

So what insight am I going to bring into my time on this glorious, ancient and historic isle? I could mention any number of things – the incredible seafood, the beautiful blue sea, the stunning company. The sunrises are remarkable, the customer service of the hotel is spot on, and the water of the sea is crystal clear. Put simply, it couldn’t be any more perfect.

But no, what I will mention is oregano-flavour crisps. Man alive, those things are good! The sooner Walkers or Lay’s get their act together and get those things into the UK and US markets, the better. Forget about cheese and onion, prawn cocktail or lamb and mint – oregano is where it’s at. Although I’m still reeling from the fact that I described the flavour as oh-regg-ann-oh today. No doubt the language police will be taking me out and giving me a stern talking to as soon as they can find me.

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