Reasons why America is great (part 2 of a series)

As I stood on a subway train today, heading back from getting a wedding licence at City Hall, I noticed a burly guy sat down on a nearby bench seat with a number of big heavy bags. The train slowly filled as we headed uptown, with more passengers piling into the busy carriage.

As we pulled away from one station, Burly Man gestured to another man three seats away from him, asking him to attract the attention of a woman stood a further two people away. When Burly Man finally had her attention, he asked her to ask the elderly woman standing next to her if she wanted his seat. She must have been a good five metres away at the time, but still he’d spotted her and wanted to offer his seat (which she actually politely declined).

Why didn’t he just get up to ask if she wanted the seat rather than go through rigmarole of chinese whispers? Because somebody would have stolen his seat within seconds. You can’t beat the city, eh?

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