Front row seats

On the way back to the apartment from the airport earlier this week, the taxi I was flying down Atlantic Avenue in pulled up at a set of traffic lights. Alongside us was a black van/people carrier with blacked out windows. Nothing remarkable about it, but for two things:

1. Both the driver and the passenger were watching a DVD on a small screen on the dashboard of the van. I mean, I still find it astonishing when people have built screens into the headrests of their seats so that their kids can watch DVDs in the back. But surely there’s got to be some law against drivers and their fellow front seat passengers kicking back and watching a movie. I wouldn’t mind so much if the movie had had some cultural relevance, but these adults were watching Aladdin…

2. The back panel of the van had two bullet holes in it. Admittedly both holes had been sealed up, but the unmistakable signs of pierced metal were there for all to see. Maybe somebody else had been equally offended at their choice of cinematic experience?

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