Reasons why America is great (part 1 of a series)


And to think that Americans think that our drinks are weird. Forget dandelion and burdock, dismiss Irn-Bru, and don’t even think about Tizer. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the beer shake.

That’s right, a milkshake made with beer. Or stout, to be a little more accurate. Oddly, it tastes pretty good. Margaret Thatcher would have had every right to be The Milk Snatcher if the school milk she’d been taking from the mouths of infants had tasted like this. Although you don’t want to get ill drinking this stuff – I mean, that would not be pretty.

What’s next – tomato juice and cider, white wine with Coke, or maybe a cheeky little Boddington’s and pineapple??

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