All the world’s a stage

If you want an out of work actor, the United States is the place to come. Even here, thousands of miles from Hollywood, you can’t order a plate of nachos without being served by a wannabe star or starlet who’s just paying the bills between off-Broadway runs.

Now, as reality TV seems to have affected everybody’s perception of what reality really is, the Royalton hotel in midtown has decided that all the world is a stage – or at least their small portion of it.

The Royalton, which recently closed for a refurb for the first time since its launch by Ian Schrager in 1988, is now advertising for staff in time for the big relaunch at the start of October. But hiring a recruitment agency, or even going back to the people they turfed out of their jobs a few short months ago, isn’t enough for the Morgans Hotel Group that now owns the 169 room hotel.

No, the Royalton is holding a two-day “open casting call”.

According to their newspaper advertisement, potential staff should make sure that they:

“…don’t miss out on being a cast member of the legendary Royalton hotel…”

As far as I’m aware, hotel guests generally look to hotel staff to provide them with a forgotten toothbrush, take their room service order, or help with getting those difficult-to-obtain theatre tickets. What they don’t need is a rousing chorus of “Tomorrow” from the musical Annie, or a knowingly over-acted excerpt from a Mexican telenovela.

Although really it was the following couplet that particularly caught my eye:

“Interviewing for all positions.
No experience necessary for most positions.”

Looks like the cast of Eldorado might be able to get some much-needed work after all.

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